What others are saying about Hint

Thermphos Vlissingen

Vlissingen“Industrial Park Vlissingen (IPV) is a service provider located in the former Hoechst site, which is a large industrial area where several chemical companies are situated. To save on expenses, we started an automation project with Hint whereby unmanned loading has been made possible with no human intervention, via a weighbridge. All data can be centrally or decentrally read and the weighbridge is remotely monitored with webcams by a security service. Upon entry, the cargo is weighed, and it is then determined whether or not the correct goods have been delivered or supplied. With Hint, there has been a considerable increase in productivity and a prevention of human error due to manual data entry.”

—Theo Braam, Head of Engineering, Industrial Park Vlissingen (IPV)




Odfjell“Within our offices, large amounts of liquids and chemicals are loaded by tanker. Previously, these products were often manually registered and weighed in a fairly labor intensive way. Unmanned loading and the automatic processing of the data to and from the ERP system were included as guiding principles in initiating this project.

We went looking for a company that could help us to solve this problem. That’s how we came into contact with Hint. They offered us a perfect solution to achieve the above objectives within our timeframe and budget. The resulting system has decreased errors, provided traceability of all loading data and automatic processing of orders in the ERP system. In short, cost savings and increased efficiency.”

—Paul Goorden, ICT Manager Odfjell, Botlek RT


Dairy Factory Frieslandcampina ‘De Kievit’

kievit“In and around our factory we actually didn’t have a good closing access control (security) system. We never knew exactly who (business relations and personnel) was present on the factory grounds and within the offices. With Hint’s help we have implemented a complete entrance control and personal identification system. It can also prevent the problem of unauthorized personnel in certain areas with the implementation of access cards and card readers. In short, we have improved the security and control of people and business relations in the case of emergencies.”

—Dirk de Ridder, Process Engineer, Frieslandcampina de Kievit, Meppel




Van West Refrigeration BV

van west“Van West Refrigeration specializes in solving refrigeration problems and, consequently, the production of many different types of coolers in large and small series. From liquid coolers with a cooling capacity of up to several hundred Watts to ice bank coolers with a cooling capacity of 50 kW. To accurately calculate the cooling capacity of our products we needed a computer system that integrates multiple functions with one another.

Hint made this a reality. We have now achieved a completely integrated process control system for the filling, weighing, vacuuming and pressure testing of coolers, as well as a reporting tool to visualize all stored and delivered systems per customer. With this new system, we have made all data traceable to our clients and legislators, which has led directly to increases in customer satisfaction, safety and environmental protection. With regard to the optimization and integration of sub-processes, it has led to an increase in productivity and cost savings.”

—Johan Blauw, Director, Van West Refrigeration, ‘t Harde


Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.

NAM-logo-beeldmerk“The Dutch Petroleum Company B.V. (NAM) operates in the Netherlands and the Dutch portion of the Continental Shelf and is engaged in the exploration, production and conditioning of oil and gas. NAM didn’t want to reinvent the wheel with each project. Therefore, with Hint we are able to link user experiences back to the design of the individual function modules for process automation and establish a continuous learning process. As a consequence, over time, functionality has increased along with usability and the integrity of the plants. The associated costs have also been reduced significantly. The modular design of the ‘BRAIN’ concept means a function module that has been superseded by new developments can be replaced by another module with fewer additional costs and without replacing the entire process or having to adapt. This applies, for example, to delivery measurements, which have been traditionally performed using gauging discs and are now being replaced by the multi-spray ultrasonic flow meters. This concept was designed by Hint and, as a result, NAM was able to save on design costs. Savings also occurred in testing and the commissioning of production facilities by the reintroduction of ‘proven’ function modules and this was improved with a continuous learning process. “

—Ted Angevaare, Senior Technical Expert, Control and Automation, NAM in Assen.




Wintershall“At Wintershall we worked with an outdated Metering Supervisory System.
This system was not able to track and save the data. Data was entered manually making errors and duplication possible. Using Hint, we set up a new Fiscal Metering computer system within the company. This system records real time data and processes it in a central database. Subsequently, it is possible to download parameters to the instruments.

Advantages of the new system include accessibility of all measurement data and the handling of real-time data storage in central database. This results in cost savings and quality improvement.”

—Frans de Wolff, District Petroleum Engineer, Wintershall, The Hague



Amefa Knife Factory

Amefa“With eight offices worldwide we need to promote the overall internal communications. Communications, knowledge-sharing and standardization were the starting point in the search for a solution. With Hint we found our answer. It was a standard application in the form of an intranet. It is Web-based and thus, easy to use without special software knowledge. Besides all the comforts of the Intra.net default, Hint has integrated a database of customized products, so we can speak globally about the same knife. The knife cuts both ways. Short flow, fixed prices, in short: we recommend Hint.”

—Arjan de Jong, ICT manager and Christine Krul, Marketing manager, Amefa, Apeldoorn





Rhinos“At Rinos in Genemuiden we produce coconut mats, floor mats, artificial grass and carpet for our global customers. We continuously strive to innovate our products and improve our production processes. We knew what we wanted: to optimize our production. But how? Should we record machine run times; apply to our internal tracking and tracing of goods? Should we install a warehouse management system? How would we connect it to our ERP system? Hint let us know that we were eligible for a feasibility study with SenterNovem. That’s collaborative thinking. A comparison study showed barcode technology to be a better option for us than Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). And we got a lot more clear information. We have translated all of these things into a set of requirements. Then we began looking for parties that could do this for us and found Hint who facilitated the whole process for us. By taking care of the various supplier demonstrations, their open and critical evaluation of technology and their approach helped us draw up a shortlist of companies that could make an offer. Then we could make an informed choice.

Hint continues to support us. Their broad knowledge and experience in the fields of business, technology and systems integration is exactly what we need. Moreover, we always maintain visibility and control over projects through a structured project approach adopted by Hint.”

—Marius van de Groep, Financial Manager, Rinos, Genemuiden

Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM)

NAM-logo-beeldmerk“At the Dutch Petroleum Company B.V. (NAM), we work with a SAP system for ordering materials (material master). Engineering contractors must submit projects to the SAP system to be used for the making and applying for material specifications. Since this is still a complicated system, when it came to functionality, it wasn’t possible to create a user manual. Therefore, we turned to Hint to create a simple HTML manual describing the workflow steps to be visualized in a clear way via a graphical design intranet. Their department of Web Technology made the guide, a website, for finding materials and services in SAP. On this website you can read and see, step-by-step and with images, how to proceed with the search for whatever materials and services are required. We outsourced this work to Hint because we had a good experience cooperating with them in the past and they have a nice design and a quick delivery.”

—Bouwe de Boer, Head Standardisation SAP material master, NAM, Assen