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AML-Analyser Management for PDO HarweelPDO Oman 2

In 2012 the company Hint in The Netherlands successfully implemented an AML-AMADAS system for the Harweel facilities of end-customer Petroleum PDO Oman 1Development Oman (PDO). The project was executed in cooperation with automation contractor Emerson Process Management. Hint was responsible for providing software engineering services (i.e. design, implementation, configuration and testing) and supplied the required computer equipment for the AML-AMADAS system.

Reliable measurements from analyser systems are the foundation for efficient and effective operation of a plant. However, these systems require frequent validation and maintenance in order to meet the performance requirements. PDO required a system to help them reduce the costs of maintenance and improve the performance of their analyser systems.

AML-AMADAS fulfilled PDO’s need by providing an infrastructure that assists in managing and maintaining online analysers at the plant with a minimum of resources.
AML-AMADAS is a system that monitors, evaluates and improves the performance of online analysers in a cost-effective manner. It automatically collects real-time
data from analysers and/or DCS, collects manually-entered data, interprets analyser performance and provides guidance for maintenance.

Hint provided a server (Dell PowerEdge 2900) and a workstation (Dell Precision 390) for the AML-AMADAS system. The server is assembled with robust components
and has a extensive computing recourses for accomplishing its tasks.

Quad-Core Intel © Xeon © CPU
GB RAM MemoryPDO Oman 7
4 x SAS 73GB hard disks (redundant, RAID-5)

3 x Ethernet Interface
2 x Power Supply Units
MS Windows Server 2003

The Graphical User Interface application (GUI) is accessible via the AML-AMADAS workstation.
Intel © Core2 Duo © Processor
1 GB RAM Memory
160 GB Hard Disk
19” wide TFT screen (1440 x 900 pixels)
MS Windows XP Pro

The AML-AMADAS server is connected to two local networks: the OPC network and the Plant Information Network (PIN). The OPC network is used for interaction of I/O
data with the Emerson DeltaV OPC server. The PIN is a general-purpose network that is used for exchanging information between the AML-AMADAS workstation and the AML-AMADAS server.


PDO Oman 3














PDO Oman 4
AML-AMADAS has been implemented on standard software platforms that are available on the
market and have proven to be a robust and reliable basis for industrial software solutions.

Cogent OPC Datahub
Object Automation OAenterprise 5.4 (Data Acquisition, Script Execution)
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Data Storage)
Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 (Graphical User Interface)
Cogent OPC Datahub has been integrated to establish an OPC tunnel between the AML-AMADAS server and the Emerson DeltaV OPC server. This solution offers a lot of benefit compared to a direct remote OPC connection.

OAenterprise is a distributed object-oriented software framework for realising industrial automation solutions. It comprises modules for performing real-time process control, visualisation, alarm handling and historical data storage. The modules interact with each other transparently on one stand-alone node or on multiple nodes in a network. In the AML-AMADAS system OAenterprise is responsible for performing data acquisition and execution of validation scripts.PDO Oman 5

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has been applied for implementation of the central data storage of AML-AMADAS. SQL Server has proven itself to be a fast, reliable and robust Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) with an open system interface that allows seamless integration with OAenterprise and ASP.NET. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of AML-AMADAS is a Microsoft ASP.NET web application. It is accessible on the workstation or any other client-PC with a standard web browser that is able to establish a TCP/IP-connection with the AML-AMADAS server via the local network (i.e. PIN).

AML-AMADAS provides an extensive set of functions to monitor and control the performance of analyser systems.

Monitor and Control Analytical Performance (accuracy and precision)
Manual and automatic validation
Significance Test (Dixon)
Control Charts
– Individuals Chart
– Moving Range Chart
– Mean Chart
– Range Chart
– Standard Deviation Chart
Decision Rules
Recording Maintenance Activities
Online Access to Documents (e.g. procedures, datasheets)

Monitor and Control Availability
Recording Operational States
Time Rated Performance Indicators
Availability Rate [%]
– Checking Rate [%]
– Breakdown Rate [%]
– Reproducibility Rate [%]PDO Oman 6

The communication between the AML-AMADAS server and the Emerson DeltaV OPC server has been tested during a System Integration Test (SIT) in Dubai in July 2008. In December 2008 representatives of PDO, Petrofac and Emerson visited Hint’s office in The Netherlands for a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the AML-AMADAS system. All hardware andsoftware component have been verified and approved.

In January 2009 Hint provided services for an extensive training course at the office of PDO in Oman. Analyser technicians and system administrators learned how to use and maintain the AML-AMADAS system.

Goals for the future are to extend the AML-AMADAS with new features and add more instruments to AMLAMADAS.

Integration with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
Validation of detectors
Validation of (fiscal) metering systems
Expand the set of reports