Process Control & Automation

PCA (Process Control & Automation) represents Hint’s vision on system integration. It is our answer for control, visualization, MES and Plant IT applications. PCA solutions range from a single PC providing special functions in network of PLC’s, SCADA, DCS modules to extensive multilayer PC networks.

PCA Automation Philosophy
Hint System Integration capability covers both “the field and the office”. We translate the mission and goal of the customer’s organization into strategies that can be implemented at the MES level and executed on the shop floor. If the plant cannot produce what top-level planning and scheduling requests, you get a counterproductive system. For system design we use the MESA guidelines, ISA 95 and ISA 88 standards, however this does not prevent us from using pragmatic solutions, whereby not all layers of the model are fully implemented. Many of our PCA solutions are of a “supervisory” nature, the selected technologies allow Hint to generate a single integrated ‘vertical’ solution covering all process levels (Control/PLC, SCADA and MES) and to seamlessly connect with ERP systems at the management level.In our work we strive at re-using engineering and solutions that have proven themselves in other applications supplied earlier by Hint. Advantages of re-usable engineering translate into higher reliability of the software and cost advantages.

Hint is technology- and supplier independent and can integrate any technology that is the best fit for the purpose.
For PCA we are using commercial-off-the-shelf hardware components from well-established suppliers, with worldwide support capability for their products, PC’s network components, servers, remote I/O etc. Today’s Industrial PCs have sufficiently high reliability and availability (> 99,9 %) to consider their use in control applications. Redundant PC configurations and data storage stretch reliability and availability even further ( Hint system engineers perform the in-house hardware engineering and supervise the assembly of cabinet at local partner companies.

Engineering Plant IT Solutions

Vertical and horizontal integration of the Control, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) layers and exchange of process and logistic information are key factors for agile and efficient manufacturing. With PCA (Process Control and Automation), Hint provides solutions, “fit for purpose”, ranging from small control or monitoring applications to the automation of an entire production process.

Hint not only designs and implements custom made process, control and automation systems, but can also add missing functionality to standard software and existing systems. By connecting systems in all departments of your company, it is possible to connect process (production) data to business data. This results in a complete overview of business/management information. Examples of Engineering & Plan IT Solutions are:

Automation Projects
As system integrator Hint delivers SCADA, Control, Fire &amp; Gas, Access Control, Tracking &amp; Tracing, History, Simulation and Monitoring based installations to automate your production processes. Besides the standard modules and software available from the main system companies, we include Hint technology, such as intelligent monitoring software and PC Based Control (soft PLC) based stations.<strong>

Before commencing with software implementation, Hint provides conceptual design engineering and architectural design as a solid fundament for custom built process control and automation.

Process Control and Automation Solutions
Hint offers a number of “off-the-shelf” process automation solutions and tools for Product Management and Transportation Logistics and  Intelligent Monitoring Applications, addressing the Safety, Quality and Efficiency of industrial processes.