Online Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for the optimum operation of any system. But there is also a price tag to it. Too much maintenance will bring unnecessary costs, too little will result in unnecessary downtime and thus loss of revenue. It is hard to balance the two, but OPM can help you to reach a good balance. The Online Predictive Maintenance System exists out of the following modules: OPM Process Safety, OPM Instrumentation, OPM Electrical and OPM Rotating Equipment.

OPM looks at the online maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer of the (pieces of) equipment, the data, coming out of the system and historical data. By combining all this information and verify the consistency and integrity of the data, OPM interfaces directly via a separate maintenance network for your sensors, transducers, transmitters and other components of your system need maintenance before failure. Our solution design is dynamic and based on the international Standard ISO 12224 ‘Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data equipment’.

Performance is monitored, validated and controlled by statistical process control methods. Validation is the process of confirming actual performance, a non-corrective metrological procedure for a number of different methods, such as:

  • – Significance Tests
  • – Control Charts
  • – Decision Rules


  • Allows for single authority/responsibility for field and laboratory equipment.
  • Reduced cause for arguments on quality readings, increased trust in results.
  • Reduced variability of laboratory procedures (by instructions and checkpoints).
  • Manpower savings by preventing unneeded maintenance.
  • Reduced quality giveaway, resulting from higher confidence limits.
  • Web based, meaning access anywhere by authorised persons.
  • Platform independent.
  • No license costs.