Fiscal / custody transfer: the cash register

The transfer of ownership of hydrocarbons involves also the transfer of large amounts of money. This is not only because of the sales of the hydrocarbons, but also because of the taxes involved. Therefore, accurate measurements of volume, mass, composition and calorific values are required to generate the rightful revenues for your company. Pitfalls can be found in many aspects of the complex systems of fiscal / custody transfer metering stations.

The sale of hydrocarbons is commonly done at fiscal / custody transfer metering stations. These sales involve large sums of money, both with the sale as with the taxation. Therefore the measurements should be accurate and reproducible, usually with an uncertainty with less than 1%, but the trend is to reduce the uncertainty even further. The price, however, is a complex function of volume, mass, (molar) composition and calorific value. A fiscal / custody transfer metering station should therefore be equipped with instruments which can determijne these properties, so apart from volumetric or mass flow meters, also “QMI” to determine the physical properties and molar compositions of the export products.

The meters and other instruments need to be maintained, including regular re-calibration, and these processes need to be recorded to show that the data from the metering station fulfil the required standards and the agreements of the sales contracts. Maintenance and calibrations should have minimal impact on the availability of metering stations as this would interrupt the cash flow.

All measured data should be stored in easily accessible data-bases from which any required information can be retrieved to show customers and governments what has been delivered / produced.

Hint has expertise in the fields of volumetric and mass flow measurements, QMI instrumentation, uncertainty analysis and data-base management to give you and independent advice on the lay-out, metering and supporting instrumentation for your fiscal / custody transfer metering station and how to handle the large amounts of data, coming from such a station to minimize the financial risks for your company.

Specific subjects flow measurement:

  • Ultra Sonic (US) flow measurement
  • Mass flow measurement
  • Turbine meter flow measurement

Specific measurements QMI:

  • Density measurement
  • Compositional measurement
  • Calorific value determination
  • Water-cut measurement

Specific subjects general:

  • Lay out of metering station
  • Maintenance management
  • Calibration management
  • Data-base management

  • Accurate measurements
  • Integrated sales quality system
  • Reliable metering station


  • Honest invoicing of revenues
  • Highest cost / benefit ratio
  • Highest availability of metering station
  • Reliable data of sales and taxes
  • Traceable measurements
  • Reliable business partner
  • Reliable company for taxing