AML Loading

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  • Automated control of product loading in plants and product terminals offers significant advantages and can contribute in the following areas:
  • – Reduced inventories
    – Increased handling capacity of the loading facilities
    – Improved safety
    – Reduced risk of errors, such as loading the wrong product
    – Prevent loading by unauthorised customers
    – Prevent customers from exceeding their quota
  • Main parameters impacting on the complexity of a loading system include:
  • Loading by volume or by additional weighing
    Vehicle identification (badges RFID, Vision, etc.)
    Identification of customers and the products (paper, badges, barcodes, etc.)
    How many different products/additives are involved?
    Number of loading islands
    How many trucks per day, peak-load per hour?
    How many shifts does the terminal operate?
    – Number of customers

    Peripherals and subsystems for loading automation systems have to satisfy a combination of the following constraints:
    – Intrinsic safety requirements
    – Custody transfer approval
    – Tamper proof
    – Environmental harshness and suitability for unmanned operations

    In the majority of cases such subsystems are intelligent and allow a serial readout connection via TCP/IP or Modbus. For safety related parts of the application we frequently apply a PLC as subsystem for interlocking items such as:
    – Grounding of the truck
    – Position of ladder
    – Resetting the volume counter
    – Position of the loading arm
    – Selection of the right additive
    – Product code matching order and truck/compartment
    – Weight matching truck capacity

    Security Issues
    As loading operations are related to high amounts of money, attempts for fraud need to be prevented. Hint can provide a function for maintaining up to date information on customers, truck drivers, trucks, badges and to adjust this when e.g. a badge has been lost, or a driver has shown up without valid papers. For the same reason a very secure system for maintaining passwords should be part of the local loading system.