AML Analyser Management

Reliable measurements from analyzer systems are the foundation for efficient and effective operation of a plant, regardless whether on-line laboratory or field analyzers are used. Analyzer systems require frequent validation and maintenance in order to meet performance requirements.

AML Analyzer Management (AMADAS) provides the infrastructure for managing and maintaining analyzers in the field and in the laboratory with a minimum of resources. AML Analyzer Management is not a replacement for LIMS, but serves as an harmonizing platform between operations, QMI department and laboratory.


  • Support for manual and (semi-)automatic calibration/validation
  • Tools for Statistical Process Control (SPC) and for long term performance evaluation
  • Management of reference materials
  • Registration of operational states and real-time display of time rated performance indicators
  • Registration of maintenance activities
  • Monitoring of diagnostic signals
  • Integrated maintenance/validation scheduler
  • Alarm/event logging
  • Audit trail of configuration changes
  • Extensive set of performance reports
  • Online access to documents (e.g. procedures, data sheets, …)

  • Improve plant operability (efficiency, yields, energy savings)
  • Improve availability and analytical performance of analyzers
  • Reduce labour hours for maintenance and checking
  • Reduce human errors through automatic data gathering
  • Transparency of analyzer performance to operational personnel (increase trust)
  • Reduce requests for line sample analyses to plant laboratory
  • Uniformity (handling of collected data, statistical rules and reporting)
  • Increase of product release rates
  • AML is analyzer manufacturer independent
  • AML uses web technology (no client-side software components are required)