Process Safety

Improving the safety of industrial processes has always been a major issue, but is now even higher on the agenda as it affects plant availability and asset utilization.

Hint offers consultancy and auditing services for the safety systems used in industrial processes. We focus specifically on the validation of Instrumented Protective Systems, Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and Fire & Gas (F&G), complementing the safety related work of the users, vendors and contractors during the design phase and the operational period.

Hint provides services for all phases of the safety lifecycle. Predominantly we focus on the front and the backend.

For audits of Safety Instrumented Systems in the operational phase we have developed intelligent tools that permit the validation of the safety situation by comparing the actual state with the original design and SIL levels defined at the outset.

Key Features

  • Top Down Safety Management
  • SIS Audits
  • Web based monitoring of Safety Performance
  • Experienced professionals

Tabel Process Safety Service