Technology leadership in the critical field of control, depends on meeting the full range of customer needs. It means having a solid technical base, innovative products and an unwavering commitment to customer support.

We are a fully independent Consultant and Supplier of instrumentation equipment and advanced solutions for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Environmental and process control market. From the end-users perspective we understand that they are facing problems with instrumentation equipment during operation and maintenance. Most of the failures are coming from the engineering phase and exists of e.g.:

– Wrong narratives & designs
– Incomplete specifications
– Inappropriate selection of the manufacturer

We can help you with standardisation (variety control) and selection of equipment during the Feed, EPC and Maintenance phases. We can give you the right advice based on, if required, Total Costs of Ownership (TCoO) which results in reliable equipment with less maintenance fit for purpose for your application. Of course we can also deliver equipment in accordance with your specifications and requirements.