Online Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for the optimum operation of any system. But there is also a price tag to it. Too much maintenance will bring unnecessary costs, too little will result in unnecessary downtime and thus loss of revenue. It is hard to balance the two, but Online Predictive Maintenance can help you to reach a good balance. Online Predictive Maintenance looks at the maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer of the (pieces of) equipment, the data, coming out of the system and historical data. By combining all this information and verify the consistency and integrity of the data, Online Predictive Maintenance identifies which sensors, transducers, transmitters and other components of your system need maintenance before failure.

The professionals of Hint can help you to design your Online Predictive Maintenance system and thus to minimize your maintenance costs and maximizing the uptime of your system while maintaining the required quality of the output of your system.

More Detail

The sensors and transducers are your eyes and ears in your system, the controls are necessary to generate its output. Both need maintenance in order to operate the system optimally, but at a cost. Too much maintenance will increase the downtime of the system and thus reduce the revenues of your investment, too little can result in unplanned shutdowns, too low quality of the output and it can even compromise safety. It is not easy to find the optimum balance between the two. Online Predictive Maintenance can help you to realise a cost-effective scheme for the maintenance of your system, its components and its sensors. It uses the information, provided by the manufacturers on the recommended maintenance, the current data coming from the system and the historic data as acquired during the operation of the system. The current data are checked for data integrity and data consistency, the historic data to determine parameters like Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) in relation to the information from the manufacturer and previous maintenance. It will tell you which components and parts need maintenance before failure. This will enable you to keep the system in optimum shape to generate revenues, whereas it minimizes the costs of maintenance at the same time. Don’t think that the costs of an Online Predictive Maintenance system are too high for you. Just look at the costs of unnecessary downtime, unplanned shutdowns or low quality output. Let alone the potential losses when safety is compromised.

The experts at Hint can help you to build your Online Preventive Maintenance system to improve your operations and to increase your revenues. For more details, please contact the offices of Hint.


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