Metering & Allocation

All systems require measurements to control and operate it. But in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, the measurement data are also used for the allocation of the revenues. Large sums of money are involved and the design of the measurement system and the interpretation of its data are crucial for the correct, and thus honest, allocation of the revenues. Systematic errors can lead to significant losses and should therefore be avoided.

Hint can provide you with experts in the field of measurements for the upstream sector with many years of experience in the field. These experts can help you to create the best possible infrastructure for measurement and thus the optimal allocation of the revenues. Don’t think that it is too costly for your application, the potential losses for your company easily outshine the costs of bringing in the experts.

More Detail

The current evacuation systems in the oil and gas industry are complex with different reservoirs, different ownership and commingled flows in trunk lines. It is very easy to lose track of the different well fluids in such systems. However, at the receiving end, the revenues are allocated, based on the measurement data and so is your pay check. A common mistake is that many people assume that the meter uncertainty is “random”, meaning that sometimes it records too high, at other times too low, but that the average value is correct. This is rarely the case, most measurement systems have a systematic error, meaning that the average value is consistently either too low or too high. In the first case, you will get less money than you should have, in the second case, you will get too much money. Sounds nice at first, but this will not be appreciated by your partners. It is not hard to see that it will damage your reputation as an honest partner to do business with.

The measurement system dictates that the following aspects should be OK:

  1. The design of the measurement system should allow accurate data without systematic errors.
  2. The installation of the measurement system should be made according to the design.
  3. The processing of the data should be correct and verifiable.
  4. The maintenance of the measurement system should prohibit that unacceptable uncertainties and systematic errors creep in.

The Hint experts can help you with all these aspects and the sooner they are involved in the different stages of the developments, the better. Once certain crucial decisions have been made, it is very hard -and costly- to reverse such decisions. So this is usually not done with often severe consequences for the quality of the measurement data. Hint has also software to help you with the required maintenance of the different components of the measurement system and to provide you with predictive maintenance. The software is based on both the requirements of the manufacturer and the analysis of the measurement data like data integrity and data consistency.

For more details, please contact the offices of Hint.

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