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Measurement Data Joins the “Internet of Things”

Measurement Data Joins the “Internet of Things” In today’s world of Web-based applications being used by more and more companies to manage business critical information in real time…why not measurement data? It is now possible to collect data from different types of measurement systems and hardware (e.g., analyzers, flow meters and logging equipment) in the […]

Bottoms Up!

The benefits of taking a bottom up approach to maintenance       First mover advantage As I have seen over the last few years, the Middle East is moving quickly towards updating its systems. It seems to be much harder to convince European and American oil companies that they need to look to the […]

Potential for major cost savings in oil and gas with Analyser Management, Metering and Loading solution

PRESS RELEASE Houston/Hattem, May 3rd 2016 – With ever decreasing oil prices, the demand for cost savings and efficiency in the oil and gas industry, and petrochemicals is getting louder and louder. One of the business units in which much is to be gained is analyser management. Therefore, Dutch plant IT and engineering specialist Hint […]

Responsive Web Design: Hint challenges students of Windesheim with new web technology

This semester Hint coaches three students from Windesheim University in Zwolle. During a 10-week internship, the students will develop an online download center, a place where our customers and partners can easily find and download our brochures. New Technologies The focus of this assignment is to get a feeling for new technologies and investigate so-called […]