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Hint and UTSI – Partnering for Success in a Digital World

Two companies with a shared vision of delivering advanced digital technology solutions, primarily for the Energy sector,Hint and UTSI International Corporation (UTSI) have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership destined to bring success to each other and their customers globally. As an example of the synergy that exists between the companies, each worked independently (and […]


November, 2017. Houston, Texas. Two prominent companies involved in the science of flow measurement -Hint and Ambrit, Ltd.- have entered into a collaborative relationship to jointly explore business and technology opportunities. This alliance will begin in the United States, and ultimately go global, as the parties discover new synergies and tackle challenging projects, all while […]

Data validity, integrity and consistency: useful tools to safeguard revenue

Dr. Hans R.E. van Maanen (Hint B.V.) Date of issue: 20 September 2017 Introduction Measurement data has always been an integral part of industrial workplace operations, with automation, particularly via sensors, now taking a bigger role. All systems, plants, oil and gas fields, etc. are set up to collect a large number of measurements, such […]

The Future of IoT and Composition Measurement Systems

At a recent ISA Analysis Division Symposium, in Pasadena, California (April 2017), Chet Mroz gave a thought-provoking presentation on the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to chemical and gas composition measurement systems. While IoT has become a reality for many industries, it is slow to catch on in the process analyzer realm, mainly […]

PVT simulation: an essential tool for protecting revenue value

Shared production system challenges In the oil and gas industry, it is common to have a wide variety of hydrocarbon simultaneously in the production and processing streams. In many situations, gas and liquids (gas, oil and water) are present and in thermodynamic equilibrium. But due to changes in pressures and temperatures, the equilibrium shifts, which […]

You Can’t Afford Not to Have an AML – Analyzer Maintenance Management System

The oil and gas, refining, gas processing, LNG and petrochemical downstream industry is in the middle of a major workforce shift, what some are calling “the great crew change.” As companies are bringing in the next generation of young, tech-savvy technicians, there is growing business pressure to do more with fewer resources. And to further […]

Wet-Gas Measurement – It’s Complicated

Consulting services…the earlier the better We also offer professional consulting services to assist with metering issues, as needed. The best results can be achieved if we are brought in during the early planning phase of an Exploration and Production project. In so doing, Hint consultants can contribute their measurement knowledge and experience to head off […]

Measurement Data Joins the “Internet of Things”

Measurement Data Joins the “Internet of Things” In today’s world of Web-based applications being used by more and more companies to manage business critical information in real time…why not measurement data? It is now possible to collect data from different types of measurement systems and hardware (e.g., analyzers, flow meters and logging equipment) in the […]

Bottoms Up!

The benefits of taking a bottom up approach to maintenance       First mover advantage As I have seen over the last few years, the Middle East is moving quickly towards updating its systems. It seems to be much harder to convince European and American oil companies that they need to look to the […]

Digital Oil and Gas Fields: Bridging the Gap

Industry needs collaborative innovation to face future economic energy challenges. The future of the oil and gas industry will depend heavily on the success of the ‘Digital Oil and Gas Field’ as technologies reduce risk, optimize production and contribute to more efficient operations. When I mention digital oil and gas fields, which has become a […]

Oil and Gas reinvented?

Industry needs collaborative innovation to face future economic energy challenges. The low oil prices have certainly had an impact on the attitudes of those in the oil and gas industry. The fact is that the movement toward new ways to do the same work – for less – has made the need for new technology […]

Vacancy: Software Developer/Engineer

Profile You will be involved in many aspects of multi-disciplinary projects from the stage of business development, order award until the start-up and commissioning and maintenance & support in a wide variety of metering and automation applications. You are familiar with principals of designing, implementing, testing, maintaining of software, algorithms and design patterns, Fault diagnosis […]

Vacancy: Metering Automation Engineer

About us Hint was founded in 1992 as a consulting company in Hattem (near Zwolle) in The Netherlands. In 1998 Hint started system integration activities in the Oil & Gas, Petro (chemical) and Process Industries. Client include both National and International Companies. Our prime focus is Europe, Middle East and Americas. Due to our increased […]

ISA Analysis Division Symposium 2016: trends in analysis and flow

Article ISA Symposium, Hans and Humberto Recently, in Galveston, Texas the ISA Analysis Division Symposium was organized as part of the International Society of Automation. Specialists gather annually at the symposium to discuss innovative developments in the world of industrial analysis. Plant IT en engineering specialist, Hint sent Hans van Maanen, consultant, and Humberto Ribera, […]

Potential for major cost savings in oil and gas with Analyser Management, Metering and Loading solution

PRESS RELEASE Houston/Hattem, May 3rd 2016 – With ever decreasing oil prices, the demand for cost savings and efficiency in the oil and gas industry, and petrochemicals is getting louder and louder. One of the business units in which much is to be gained is analyser management. Therefore, Dutch plant IT and engineering specialist Hint […]

Tax on CO2 can unleash energy revolution

Wouter Last: “COP21 climate agreement misses opportunity by ignoring carbon tax” Hattem/Houston, 17th of February 2016 – A CO2 tax for companies should be the foundation of the imperative renewable energy revolution. The fact that the recently completed COP21 climate agreement does not mention this political measure with respect to reducing global emissions, is a […]

Why the climate plans for the year 2100 are already generating profits now

  Measuring emissions Nonetheless, it is good to look at emissions. Without applicable international requirements and rules for this, there will after all be little change with the largest polluters. But I do have another reason to celebrate the new climate agreement. Restrictions are placed on CO2, NOx, and SOx emissions, both on national and […]

There is still a world to win for Dutch business

The Netherlands is nation of exporters, at least when it comes to exports to countries outside the European Union. Even in times of crisis, we have managed to double our exports compared with ten years ago. Exports within Europe have also risen by a third. Germany is traditionally the largest buyer of Dutch products. However, […]

Blog Hint BDA

Blog Hint BDA Connecting the dots in big data Recently, I attended the founding of the Big Data Alliance (BDA). This new Dutch organization headed by Professor Alexander Rinnooy Kan is a partnership between industry, universities and research institutions that deal with big data and its practical applications. The goal: to make knowledge applicable and […]

Blog Hint – Generation Z

Blog Hint Generation Z Make way for ‘generation Z’ When it comes to values, the coming generation of employees has made transparency, equality and sustainability paramount. In some respects, for the energy industry in particular, this is difficult since the role fossil fuels will play in the future is still unknown. How can we inspire […]

Blog Hint Cost Cutting

Blog Hint Cost Cutting The need to economize forces oil and gas industry to innovate Four promising ways to cut costs With the lowest oil and gas prices since 2009, and the disappearance of work floor-based knowledge, cost cutting has become a priority for many companies in the industry. Research by Lloyd’s Register Energy shows […]

Blog Hint long-term vision

Blog Hint long-term vision Investing for Savings New opportunities in a changing oil and gas market I recently attended the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, the largest oil and gas conference in the world, where just about every end user and supplier from the offshore energy market was running around. It was, therefore, the […]

Lubbers De Jong to help strengthen Hint’s international market position

Press release Lubbers De Jong to help strengthen Hint’s international market position Hattem, The Netherlands, 18 May 2015 – Hint, the oil and gas measuring specialist based in Hattem, the Netherlands, has inked a deal to work with Amsterdam-based tech pr bureau, Lubbers De Jong. Hint is looking to strengthen its international market position and […]

Hint at the 9th International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement (ISFFM)

Hint at the 9th International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement (ISFFM) April 14-17, 2015 Washington, D.C. Hans van Maanen, Senior Metering & Allocation Consultant of Hint, is representing Hint at the 9th International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement (ISFFM) which will be held from the 14th till the 17th of April 2015. Hans van Maanen […]