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Wet-Gas Measurement – It’s Complicated

Introducing the AML Metering solution

There are so many different liquids to measure in terms of flow at the well level…water, oil, LNG, wet gas and others. However, there is just one component that is typically measured via flow meters, and that is gas condensate. This leaves 40-60% of residual gas or oil in the ground across the continental U.S., the Gulf of Mexico, Europe, the North Sea, etc. that could potentially be recovered with the help of the right modeling tools to obtain proper wet-gas measurements.

Solving problems
The general problem is that the well flow is three-phase: oil, water and gas. The oil and gas are in thermodynamic equilibrium and the gas is water-vapor saturated. These equilibria change with changing P&T. So, the only good solution is to measure the flow rate of each component, and then you end up at the “energy components” approach. But, there is another problem: the data are also used for reservoir management. With gas-condensate reservoirs, this CAN result in large amounts of condensate (light oil) left behind in the reservoir. Therefore, wet-gas measurement is essential to reduce or eliminate this problem, but the common flow computers are not able to handle multi-phase flows. That’s why we are programming wet-gas algorithms into our PC-based, flow computer system to address these issues.

We are also addressing the challenge of “uncertainty” around the accuracy of process/flow data. While it is necessary to operate within a certain bandwidth of uncertainty, what if you could validate all the process/flow data based on real measurements? That would be awesome! Again, we currently have an algorithm in the works that will automate the validation of online and offline data, thus, improving confidence in both the quantity and quality of your measurements

Providing solutions
One of the modules of our AML software suite, AML Metering, is designed especially for metering and accounting of hydrocarbons, gas and liquids. This virtual flow meter system handles flow correction according to AGA and ISO standards for all common metering principles (i.e., Ultrasonic, Turbine, Differential Pressure (Orifice/Venturi), and Positive Displacement (PD)).

Our “smart” technology not only collects and diagnoses the data directly from your flow devices and process instrumentation (DCS, SCADA or PLC systems), it also checks the health status of the measurement instrument, itself, to support ongoing maintenance. This results in uncertainty being reduced by higher quality data…and more of it, for performing thorough analysis and making accurate production estimates. This is key to maximizing recovery of those remaining Hydrocarbons!

Consulting services…the earlier the better
We also offer professional consulting services to assist with metering issues, as needed. The best results can be achieved if we are brought in during the early planning phase of an Exploration and Production project. In so doing, Hint consultants can contribute their measurement knowledge and experience to head off problems, by helping your team with state-of-the-art metering and process flow design, tool specifications for smooth project execution, as well as with the proof of concept of your field development plan, including feasibility studies and so forth. It’s been shown that our active participation from the start adds great economic value, leading to cost-effective project implementation and big savings later on in the operational and maintenance phases.

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For more information on benefits and features of AML Metering, and to download our brochure, go to AML Metering Solution

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Wout Last

HINT is the leader in AMADAS technology innovation. The company recently expanded the team in Houston, Texas with the goal of making more accurate measurement a reality for oil and gas, petrochemical, and potentially medical industries. The expertise of our specialized consultants comes from vast experience working with end users and having also worked as engineers in the field of flow measurement.