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Measurement Data Joins the “Internet of Things”

Measurement Data Joins the “Internet of Things”

In today’s world of Web-based applications being used by more and more companies to manage business critical information in real time…why not measurement data? It is now possible to collect data from different types of measurement systems and hardware (e.g., analyzers, flow meters and logging equipment) in the field via an efficient software interface that not only stores the data in one convenient place, but also performs the required validation calculations, and enables quality data for reporting, visualization and decision making from desktop and mobile devices—anywhere, anytime.

This technology allows you to get the most out of your measurement data, going from discrete data points, to relevant project information, to knowledge that can be leveraged for making well-informed decisions and insightful judgement calls. Whether it is an oil and gas asset, refinery, LNG or petrochemical plant, or even potentially a medical facility, this data can be put to good use on a continual basis to improve efficiency and profit margins rather than sit idly on the shelf until a legal incident occurs (which is too often the case).

A common scenario

Are you continually allocating technical resources to the collection of measurement data? Following up with numerous lab tests to validate sampling accuracy? Only to find it is still not accurate enough? Costing you more time and money to resolve problems? In a tight budget economy, this common scenario no longer makes sense, especially when software technology advancements are able to help streamline and optimize your measurement process, while also improving its reliability.

Measure right with AMADAS

There is a much more effective and cost-efficient way to measure correctly, and that solution is simply the installation of AMADAS (Analyzer Management and Data Acquisition System). HINT, a global leader in measurement software, has developed the most flexible AMADAS system, AML-AMADAS, that is hardware and operating system independent, and can be dynamically customized to fit your exact needs. AML-AMADAS gathers the measurement data directly from various field instruments or PLC SCADA, DCS systems, etc., which then flows through our own secure network for storage and diagnostic detection/analytics. This “smart” system with built-in intelligence also provides automated online data validation, a traceability chain, reports, predictive maintenance tools and calibration with international standards to meet the challenge of uncertainty in making data judgements. The data results can now be trusted 100% by operators as they easily view analyzer performance on screen to ensure it is within acceptable limits.

The benefits of AMADAS

Here are some of the many practical benefits that can be expected from AMADAS:

  • Customizable – fit for purpose solution on a project-by-project basis
  • Expandable – can be easily expanded to suit future additional requirements
  • Reduced operations workload & costs – less need for routine lab sampling
  • Reduced laboratory workload & costs – statistical process control toolkit available
  • Reduced maintenance workload & costs – predictive maintenance tools that minimize routine calibration and maintenance checks
  • Better diagnostics – early problem detection (e.g., when it’s time to replace filter) to ensure smooth operations
  • Reliable & dependable measurement data – essential improvement in data quality and quantity, enabling better management decision making
  • Efficient data mining – stores data along with diagnostics

With your purchase of AML-AMADAS from Hint, there is a further savings due to no license fees. For more detailed information on our AMADAS benefits and features, go to:

Leading the way

Hint has been successfully delivering AML-AMADAS systems for over 10 years. Extensive, ongoing R&D and software development has assured Hint’s industry leading position as a global expert in providing AMADAS solutions. HINT has been working with a Middle East petrochemical plant (the largest one in the world) on a complex AMADAS implementation. It is up and running as of February 2016, and is comprised of 2,000 analyzers, 70 CEMS systems, a LIMS system, 1 plant maintenance system, 26 DCS systems and 26 data storage Historian repositories—all successfully linked together by a single AML-AMADAS installation.

Hint also reported that another client (a major natural liquefied gas operator) has estimated the payback period for investing in their AML-AMADAS solution to be less than 1 year, after which the annual savings are estimated at $400,000. They stated that the AMADAS system is indispensable for: managing critical data, providing the SPC-tools required to control equipment maintenance, and consistent reporting on relevant performance indicators.

We could go on and on about satisfied customers around the globe, but now it’s time for you to find out for yourself. Contact us to learn how we can help solve your company’s unique measurement concerns.


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HINT is the leader in AMADAS technology innovation. The company recently expanded the team in Houston, Texas with the goal of making more accurate measurement a reality for oil and gas, petrochemical, and potentially medical industries. The expertise of our specialized consultants comes from vast experience working with end users and having also worked as engineers in the field of flow measurement.