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Lubbers De Jong to help strengthen Hint’s international market position

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Lubbers De Jong to help strengthen Hint’s international market position

Hattem, The Netherlands, 18 May 2015 – Hint, the oil and gas measuring specialist based in Hattem, the Netherlands, has inked a deal to work with Amsterdam-based tech pr bureau, Lubbers De Jong. Hint is looking to strengthen its international market position and brand awareness and has brought in Lubbers De Jong to help. Hint has been active for nearly twenty years in the fields of measurement, maintenance and IT for the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. It is now working to become a thought leader in the market.

Hint was started in 1992 by Wouter Last, who still works as president of the company. Besides delivering independent advice, Hint has engineering and software solutions with which asset owners in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries can operate, and more efficiently maintain, their plants and facilities by enhancing their reliability. As a result, companies can produce more with fewer personnel and the knowledge and experience of staff who are no longer employed is translated into engineering & IT solutions.

Hint is contributing to a smarter industry, making knowledge transfer easier and helping to solve the major staff shortages that plague the technical labor market. Hint also ensures that the quantity and quality of the gases and liquids produced by plants are correctly measured, so plant owners receive the dollars to which they are entitled.

Wouter Last, president of Hint, speaking about the partnership: “We have chosen Lubbers De Jong to increase our brand awareness in the Netherlands and abroad and to make people acquainted with our innovative solutions and services. The worlds of oil and gas, process industry and energy can achieve much more if they can make the best use of automation. It is now time to carry out this broad vision.”
Peter Keijzer, managing director of Lubbers De Jong: “Hint is a Dutch company that has succeeded all over the world. It has a bright outlook on the future of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and the role that smart technology is going to play there. This vision must be shared and we’d like to help. The collaboration fits within the ambition of Lubbers De Jong to grow into sectors where technology is beginning to play an ever more crucial role such as architecture and design, consumer electronics, energy, FinTech, IT hardware, IT software, marketing and telecommunications.”

About Hint
The Dutch company Hint, which stands for Human Interest in New Technology, is a specialist in information technology for businesses in oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries. Hint advises companies on how to optimize their business operations through analysis and measurement. The company helps customers increase the reliability and efficiency of facilities, to reduce downtime to a minimum. With the aid of its own software, which can be integrated with any other system, and instruments located in the plants, data coming directly from the workfloor can be translated into usable management information. Hint operates worldwide with a strong focus on Europe, the Middle East and the United States. For more information, see