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Hint participated in the trade mission to Peru and Bolivia

From the 14th till the 18th of March Hint visited Peru and Bolivia as part of a trade mission. During this trip, which was organized by FME/Dutch Energy Solutions and Transfer, a delegation of Dutch companies from the energy sector got the opportunity to visit and enter into collaborations with important organizations in the Bolivian and Peruvian gas sector.

Wouter Last and Juanita Karreman have made several field visits and conducted individual meetings. South America is for Hint a promising new market. Bolivia and Peru in particular have both major gas and oil resources. Yet its use is limited to the most heavily populated areas, because they do not have the technological opportunities for efficient extraction, processing and transportation. The demand for metering-, allocation- and loading-technology, that Hint develops, is high. In these countries, the solutions of Hint can optimize the production and large scale of distribution of oil and gas.

Even the validation and calibration of meters in the field is a topic where the Bolivians are working on and where Hint can provide support as an independent party. The South American representatives showed much interest in the Digital Oil Field and the expertise Hint has in this.

Trade mission