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Hint Celebrates 25th Anniversary

A Quarter of a Century of Excellence

August 2017 marks an important milestone for HINT. We are fortunate and grateful to be celebrating our 25th year in business. Not many companies can boast the steady growth like we have achieved over the past 25 years—and still going strong.

From small consultancy to international organization
We are actually from humble beginnings. But through hard work and tough decisions, HINT has made its mark on the world stage. Starting out on his own as a one-person consulting business in 1992, HINT’s founder, Wouter Last, went on to hire his first employees just three years later. This quick startup can be attributed in large part to his having worked in the field, originally employed by the Dutch branch of Shell’s E&P division, as an IT Software Engineer and Metering Engineer. With an independent spirit and the drive to “do it his way,” Wouter steadfastly took all the necessary steps to establish himself and HINT as an industry leader. Highlights along the way included ISO9000 Quality Certification in 1997, a major systems integration project in 1998, an international (Middle East) project in 2006, and the first U.S. project for Dow Chemical in 2013. The rest is history! The company now has multiple offices in strategic locations around the globe, extending its reach beyond The Netherlands to Europe & Africa, the Middle East & Asia, and the United States.

But none of this would have been possible without the wonderful customers we have had the privilege of serving, and to whom we give thanks for entrusting us with their projects, both big and small. We look forward to deepening all of those working relationships, as we collaborate on exciting challenges in the future.

We are especially proud of the close ties we have formed over the years with notable government officials (kings, queens, prime ministers, secretaries of state) and presidents of prominent corporations. A key to our widening exposure has been participation in pivotal events, such as representing the Netherlands at Brazil’s Trade Mission and Conference held in 2010, which focused on oil and gas development and provided high visibility through a news interview, putting us on the map.

A bold vision – today and tomorrow
A bold vision, fueled by a passion and enthusiasm, has led us to continually embark on new ventures and on new soil. With an emphasis on quality and excellence, the current team of “Metering and Allocation Architects” has earned its reputation as the go-to source for major, multi-national projects. One that recently became official and that we are particularly pleased to be a part of is for Sadara Chemical Company, the largest petrochemical project of its kind to date.

And with an eye to the future, we recently established a new entity—HGI (HINT Global Investments)—to further grow the business through targeted mergers and acquisitions. This endeavor is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of industry icons and shareholders of the company. It represents both a new challenge and a new path, as we strive to keep providing customers with the most innovative advancements in flow measurement technology.

End of year celebration
So, we have much to celebrate! In conjunction with a grand opening of our new office in The Netherlands by year’s end, we expect to have a double celebration to toast 25 years of prosperity. Watch for coming announcements.

Wouter Last


HINT is the leader in AMADAS technology innovation. The company recently expanded the team in Houston, Texas with the goal of making more accurate measurement a reality for oil and gas, petrochemical, and potentially medical industries. The expertise of our specialized consultants comes from vast experience working with end users and having also worked as engineers in the field of flow measurement.