Hint is a privately owned company founded by Wouter Last in 1992 after his extended career in the Control and Automation (C&A) department of NAM, the Dutch branch of Shells exploration and production organization.

Hint operates from the historic Hanseatic town of Hattem in the East of The Netherlands. In the years since, Hint has grown to about 25 employees and an equal number of associated freelancing consultants.

About one third of Hint employees have previous work experience in Oil & Gas.

Around the year 2004 Hint extended their activities to countries outside The Netherlands. Today Hint has partner companies in several Middle East countries, Russia and Nigeria.

Hint is participating in Government sponsored trade missions, among others for Vietnam and Brazil.

In 2009 a number of senior Oil & Gas consultants who took early retirement from Shell joined Hint as associates. This enforced Hint’s position as “Metering and Allocation Architects, from Engineering to Billing” and as a leading supplier of special monitoring applications.